SAR Webinars

Imaging for Erectile Dysfunction Before & After Treatment – Lauren Alexander, MD
Keepin’ It Retro: Bring Back the Retroperitoneum – Vinay Prabhu, MD
Rectal Cancer MRI – Gaurav Khatri, MD, FSAR
The Esophagram – Body Fellow Edition – Matthew Morgan, MD
MRI of Endometriosis – Kristen Olinger, MD
Splenic Imaging and Intervention – Daniel Souza, MD
PET-MRI – Sam Galgano, MD
Body MRI Lessons Learned: Pearls and Pitfalls to Remember in Practice – Anup Shetty, MD
Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound: Bring out the Bubbly – Melanie P. Caserta, MD, FSAR
Delayed Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen: A Case and Literature Review – Lyndon Luk, MD